AYBU Business School’s mission is to explore and disseminate knowledge, encourage innovation, and contribute to economic, social, and cultural development of the society. To this end, the School offers undergraduate and graduate programs, designs research centers that cater contemporary needs of business, and develops research projects.

The School has Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, International Trade and Business, Management Information Systems, and Marketing departments. These departments train specialists and innovative entrepreneurs who will serve different needs of business establishments. The School delivers master’s (with or without thesis) and PhD programs through the Institute of Social Sciences. Master’s programs offer their professional students up-to-date management knowledge and help them with their career advancement. PhD programs aim at training researchers. All programs except the master’s without thesis are taught in English.

The School has also established the Center of Competition Research (REKMER) to help improve competitiveness of industries with high growth potential. The Business School runs research projects supported by public and private organizations and produces scientific publications.

— AYBU Business School





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